Put a fork in the United States — we are done

To the editor:

The war on the moral fabric of the U.S. by the ungodly socialists began around the end of the 19th century with President Wilson’s plan for world socialism through the League of Nations. The movement had little success, however, because there were many godly people who realized how blessed they were to be immigrants, or the descendants of recent immigrants, who came here from countries where there was practically zero chance of improving their lot in life, regardless of how hard one might strive to get ahead.

If history is to be believed, the most important values held by these people were God, family and, of course, a country offering freedom to achieve whatever one was willing to work hard for. The socialist movement couldn’t make inroads until future generations began to believe that what their parents and grandparents worked for they were entitled to and if what they were left was not adequate, they shouldn’t be required to pick … with chickens like their parents had to do. The socialists realized by the late 1950s that by degrading Christianity, while dissolving the family structure, they could become this nation’s responsible person and convince people that God was not needed and probably never was.

During the Lyndon Johnson administration the socialists, having taken over the Democratic Party, seized their opportunity by implementing Great Society programs, pushing the women’s liberation movement, along with pressing for abortion on demand and sponsoring about all anti-God programs possible. The Democrats have made an industry out of promoting any cause that would turn any particular group into victims, and anyone who has doubts about their ability to succeed, to take the easy road and live off Great Society and all succeeding programs.

Of course these tactics work well with upper class liberals, “do-gooders” who stand up for the oppressed, but wouldn’t give a nickel to help them, (When multi millionaire, Al Gore, ran for president his tax return showed that many average Americans, including even me, gave more money to charity than he did) but these same humanitarians would scream bloody murder that the wealthy should be made to pay more, while they hire accountants to find loopholes to decrease their taxes and increase their net worth.

We have government sponsored day care centers so mothers can work or play, while the fathers aren’t around, can’t find work or don’t bother to look for work. Of course there aren’t a lot of good new jobs being created, and so the government says, “If you don’t care to take an entry level job, then don’t. We’ll take care of you and once we get this immigration problem settled we’ll have plenty of help with the low-wage jobs.”

We’ve got “how to” sex education classes in public schools, we have birth control products handed out like candy, an abortion rate that’s unbelievable and somehow our nation’s population, along with the poverty rate, keeps rising. We’ve got a drug war that was so badly botched it will end in complete surrender with the legalization of nearly all drugs.

We’ve got prisons filled to over-capacity, while the government says crime is on the decrease, but to actually empty our prisons we should decriminalize actions that are now considered serious crimes.

We have TV commercials for insurance companies who have lawyers trained to avoid payouts, and we have commercials for lawyers trained to get greater settlements from insurance companies. We see offers of high interest rate credit cards, and lawyers to help us avoid paying credit card debt, lawyers to assist with getting Social Security, or other government benefits, and of course, when all else fails, we have bankruptcy lawyers to clean our slate and start over. We’ve got movies that aren’t fit to watch, and music that’s not fit to hear, while we’ve got churches closing down for lack of interest.

To top it all off, it seem that no one cares. The Democrats have things just the way they want. Heck, if they fixed any of these problems, they would have one less issue to carp about and to blame on the evil Republicans. Republicans are too cowardly to even attempt to make any real changes. They spend their time crying that they are not all those things the Democrats accuse them of being.

I wish someone had an answer. I know that I don’t. So I’m afraid we have to put a fork in the good old USA. We’re done.

John Kauffman