Offers advice on saving and protecting water

To the editor:

Record and study water levels in all local wells in each community. Record and keep track of all the rain for at least one year and determine if there is a relationship between water level in wells and the amount of rain that falls.

It appears when God created this earth he created a relationship between water levels and wells and the amount of rain that falls. The final goal is to procure ground water and not pump wells too much.

I believe rain could be encouraged to fall by the prayer of a righteous person, tilling soil so we find loose soil in all communities where you are trying to make rain fall. Our goal is to trap water that falls, so it becomes ground water.

Set aside plots of soil 100 feet by 100 feet. Keep each plot tilled and encourage the dumping of waste water without harmful pollutants, like animal waste, bath water, so that you can have the sun evaporate water out of the soil where water goes up into the atmosphere, condenses and comes back down as rain. Develop a swamp (not a wetland) on the property.

Herbert C. Jordan