Don’t blame Republicans for Democrats’ problems

To the editor:

Last evening I watched a show on TV where a panel of a couple dozen people were at one point discussing Obamacare. The panel was a mixture of Republicans and Democrats, conservatives and liberals. During the discussion, some of the Democrats and liberals finally admitted that Obamacare, at this point, was a mess, but they were tired of Republicans and conservatives complaining about it and not trying to fix it. I was so frustrated that I wanted to scream at the TV.

Let me attempt to explain the situation in a way that is so simple that even the uninformed and the idiots can understand.

Back at the beginning, when Obamacare first started to be discussed and formulated, the Democrats controlled the White House, the House of Representatives and the Senate. They controlled everything. When the Republicans and conservatives tried to tell them what they were proposing wasn’t going to work, they would not listen.

Let’s illustrate health care as a pool of water, and Obamacare as a means of transporting water from point A to point B. The Democrats began to design a container known as Obamacare. The Republicans told them “your container will not work because it looks like a sieve. It won’t hold water. It has too many holes.” The Democrats said “it is a beautiful container and it’s so shiny and new. Everyone will love it. If you can’t agree with us just go away. We don’t want to even talk to you.”

So, the Democrats went ahead and built their beautiful sieve themselves and would not listen to anyone else. When they were finished they were so proud and told everyone how wonderful it would be and how this lovely new container was the greatest way to get the pool of water from here at point A, over to the pool at Point B on the other side. The Republicans told them “it won’t work. Don’t ever try. It will just make a big mess.”

But the Democrats would not listen and they dipped their shiny new sieve into the pool at A and started to carry water over to point B. The sieve leaked all over the floor and a big mess. People were slipping and falling in all the slop, breaking arms, breaking legs, stoving up their backs and hardly any water made it to point B. Most people don’t like the new sieve. It’s too messy and it isn’t getting the water to point B as they were promised.

Now Democrats have two different stories. Some say “don’t pay attention to the water on the floor. It’s just Republican lies. That’s what is all over the floor.” Others say “It’s all the fault of the Republicans because they will not help us fix the holes in the sieve.”

The people with any smarts say, “You can’t fix all the holes in your container. There are just too many holes. It would be too time consuming and cost too much money to be practical. After all, it’s a sieve! The only responsible thing to do is scrap the sieve, go back the drawing board and design a new bucket.”

Stephen E. Sellers