Warns of destruction of two beloved mountains

To the editor:

Anyone who enjoys viewing the ridges of Jacks Mountain and Stone Mountain as seen from their homes, or during their daily travels should spend extra time this year watching the seasons change on the ridges. Embed those memories deep in your being. If you have a penchant for photography, or the gift of artistry, take many photos, draw, paint or carve your favorite scenes.

Capture the changing colors, the frost on the trees, frame the clouds and fog blanketing the ancient folds of this Earth. Why? So you can tell your children and grandchildren about the beautiful places that used to be.

As the building of the industrial wind turbine complex proceeds, the ridge line of Jacks Mountain and Stone Mountain will be lost forever. The placement of over 90 turbine towers will require the permanent destruction of these mountains. The construction of the tower bases will require excavation that will reduce the ridge height by 175 feet. The creation of flat cement turbine pads located every 1,000 feet along the mountain top will be linked together by a wide access road. A nearly 20-mile cement daisy chain with 436-foot daisies, if you will.

The profit, energy production and turbines themselves are very temporary. Within a decade, turbines will start to topple, burn, and fail. The industrial complex will change hands. Battles over removal of derelict turbines will ensue, apathy will reign. In glaring contrast, the unnatural, permanent leveling of these mountains will be evident long after our human experience on this planet. Keep this in mind as you enjoy the views this year. If the plans are completed, only your photos, art, and memories will remain to reminisce and share with your family.

David Bargainnier