Thanks to many for their help feeding the hungry

To the editor:

We give God the honor and glory for all that happens at this project. We thank him for his grace that allowed us for the last 40 years, to be his workers here in Central Pennsylvania.

We canned 30,000 pounds of turkey this year which produced 16,828 cans of product. This will be used to set God’s table for the hungry throughout the world. We are thankful that we were able to pay for the turkey on time, and we have faith that the money needed for the cans/lids and shipping cost will come in. We have about two-thirds of the money needed to pay for all the costs. We would like to remind you that monies given are tax deductible.

We would like to thank the East Derry Fire Company for offering their building for the third year, as our canning site. We would also like to thank all the neighboring households who have graciously put up with us for the last three years. Thank you.

To our area businesses, Boring Transport Inc., JWB Storage Trailer Rentals, Big Valley Feed & Grain Co., Penn Equipment Co., LUMINA Center and Snedeker Energy, we say thank you for your services and gifts.

I would like to thank the churches, the businesses, the farmers, the families and individuals who supported us with financial gifts, and those who made those great cookies and soups, and gave the supplies that were needed. We could not do God’s work here in central Pennsylvania, without your help.

A special thanks to Teresa and Lee Cunningham, and their group, for another great year of feeding the volunteers. They served well over 1,000 meals, but the greatest blessing was the fellowship that was shared at the tables. We are all God’s children, and when we can break bread together, we can move mountains.

We would like to thank the volunteers that came out in the very cold weather, to help with the canning. May God bless you for your ministry to this project..

To Ben Stoltzfus, the directors and the committee members who were able to help with the canning, I would like to say, thank you. We worked together as a team, and as a team, we again completed this ministry, well done. We give a special thanks to the Canner Boys who give two years of voluntary service to the canning project.

May this meat be a blessing to those throughout the world that hunger. God is great, God is good, and we thank him for our food. May the Lord bless you and keep you.

With you, we can.

Rick Esh

Meat Canning Secretary

Central Pennsylvania World Hunger Association