Gives thanks for friends, caregivers during rehab

To the editor:

Several weeks ago I ended my “stay” at Ohesson Manor where I spent nearly three months rehabbing from an October stroke. My group of loyal, dedicated, and devoted friends referred to the establishment as “The Manor.”

The Manor became my home away from home. The residents and staff became my new group of friends. It certainly is amazing what “life” lessons one can learn while sharing dinner time with friends who are 104, 103, and 102 years young.

One develops trust in the staff responsible for your daily care. These are dedicated caregivers who, in my opinion, are understaffed and over-worked. They have too many residents per caregiver to bathe, bathroom, feed and tend to everyday needs. But, bless them, they get the job done. The only mistreatment I witnessed was by residents toward staff. Staff members get cursed, choked, pinched, bit, and suffer other forms of abuse which they must tolerate and ignore. Staff members treated me with respect, and kindness; even those not directly involved with my care. God bless them.

I spent many hours in the rehab wing where I received excellent care, became more mobile, created chaos when possible, formed a tee-shirt wearing gang, and harassed Amy and Erin on a daily basis. The rehabilitation department also included a very special group of additional therapists who contributed to my mental and physical well-being. Swallowing, speech, and memory skills were enhanced by “Suzanne Speech”-she was great at accepting my teasing and tormenting while accomplishing our goals.

Thank you to my loyal friends who provided me with never-ending support, both emotional and physical, with food, with laughter and with hope. Thank you for all the candy, cards and flowers.

Love and laughter make life’s challenges more manageable.

W. Jaynee Carolus