Contends Obamacare, Obama must be removed

To the editor:

Well, Obamacare has been with us now for several months. The website is still a disaster. People are still losing their medical coverage. They are losing their doctors. With all these problems, the Affordable Care Act is not affordable at all. For most people it is much more expensive than what they had before. It costs much more out-of-pocket in premiums and the deductibles are much higher before the coverage even pays out anything. Why didn’t someone warn us about this? Oh wait! We were warned!

Back when this legislation was being put together in Congress, Conservatives said then that this wasn’t going to work the way the Democrats said it would. But that didn’t matter. The Democrats shoved it down the throats of the people because they controlled both houses of Congress on a party-line vote. This was never about trying to get health care for those who did not have insurance. It was a power grab by the liberals and Democrats to get more control over the people in this country to consolidate their power. If people have any intelligence at all, they should be able to feel their liberty and freedom slipping away.

Obama has been lying to everyone all along. He also is trying to “tweak” the law in little ways here and there to make it not quite as painful in order to perpetuate the lie that he is looking out for the little guy. This, by the way, is a breach of the Constitution. He does not have this type of power legally. He has delayed some aspects of the law as he sees fit to get past the mid-term elections before the pain of Obamacare hits and people then realize they have been snookered until it is too late to change how they vote. So now he wants to delay even more mandates of the law until after the 2016 presidential elections to accomplish the same thing there.

Remember back in October when Ted Cruz was demonized and called every terrible name you can think of by the president, the liberals and the Democrats, and also by the mainstream liberal press, for suggesting that we step back and think this over and have Congress delay the start of Obamacare and consider changes. He was told by the liberals and the Democrats that this was the law of the land and it must be enacted. Now they want to delay and “tweak” to ease some of the pain so they can save their own political skins and further pull the wool over the eyes of the gullible in this country.

Wake up America! This law needs to be repealed. These people need to be voted out. Obama needs to be impeached!

Stephen Sellers