Asks politicians to watch out for wasteful spending

To the editor:

Our country is drowning in debt, and it seems like most of our politicians in Washington don’t seem to care. As of today the debt is over $17 trillion and the clock is always ticking, adding dollars every second. Each minute it goes up by $3 million. Which means every man, woman and child in our country owes in excess of $55,000.

One way to understand $17 trillion is to cover a football field with $100 bills to the depth of eight feet, that only equals $1 trillion, now times that by 17. That’s a lot of cash.

I understand it is necessary for our government to need a certain amount of money to run on, but please, please think about our future, our kids’ future, and our grandkids’ future. Pay attention to the spending and cut out all the waste.

Isn’t the government supposed to be looking out for the citizens?

Sonja Smith