Urges Democrats to hear conservative message

To the editor:

The value of a local newspaper, with integrity. When I say integrity, I mean in its choice of syndicated columnists and the fairness to allow amateur writers like myself to be heard, regardless how ridiculous we may at times appear to be.

Naturally, as a staunch conservative I agree with nearly all the nationals’ conclusions and with what most of what they have to say about what lies ahead. I don’t need to worry about what they purport to be facts. Why do I trust their facts? Because being conservative, they can’t afford to lie. If they did lie the so-called mainstream media would not let up until that columnist was exposed, totally pummelled and completely destroyed.

I’ve read many left wing columnists who fill their space with cliches, such as Republicans are racist. They forget it was Republicans who actually began the all-out civil rights movement. Of course they say that Republicans don’t want immigration reform, but fail to mention that a great plan was (that all agreed wouldn’t need to be repeated) already passed in the Reagan administration.

Of course, while the illegals were made legal, somehow the divided Congress couldn’t approve the funding to protect our borders, I think because Democrats at that time saw no need to actually defend our borders, apparently believing that with all the illegals, now legal, no more would want to come to the U.S.

Of course the Democrats’ present plan is designed to work the same as before:?Amnesty first and no border security later. Also, remember how the liberals like to accuse the Republicans of McCarthyism while failing to mention that our most feared enemy at the time was the Godless, communist Soviet Union.

Sen. McCarthy had the gall to expose numerous communities in the Roosevelt Administration. By the way, being a communist was illegal at that time. He was a little crude but he was truthful. The Democrats were stung by McCarthy’s revelations and they took action. No, they didn’t rid the administration or their party of communists, they simply spent the next nearly 70 years bashing Republicans for outing communist loyalists. Liberal columnists also have their lockup stories, depicting evil Republicans who hate almost everyone but rich, white male Americans.

George W. Bush passed a sweeping prescription drug program that was needed by about everyone except the wealthy. What do the liberals have to say about that plan? It was unfunded (because of them) and added to the deficit.

Of course you don’t read much about all the spending by our president that has helped none but his political allies and has ballooned our national debt. I also recall my late stepfather, literally throwing The Sentinel at me while saying, “Read this. Michelle Malkin should be in jail because everything she writes is lies.” He calmed down while I read her article. When I finished we discussed all the supposed facts she presented and we agreed that her facts were correct. I then said that it seems the only things to find fault with are her opinions.

My stepfather then said, “Yes, her opinions are all lies. Michelle Malkin should not be allowed to write and she should be in jail for all the lies she tells about our great President Obama.”

My stepfather was not a liberal. He was a lifelong registered Democrat and a decorated World War II veteran who was possibly more conservative, in every way, than I am. Unfortunately, he watched only the so-called mainstream media and wouldn’t even consider watching the liars at Fox News or listening to the bigoted liar Rush Limbaugh on the radio and so I could understand why a truthful rant by Michelle Malkin would have appeared to be slanderous lies to him.

I sincerely wish that you misinformed, talking-points-repeating Democrats would just for one month watch Fox News and listen to Rush, while remembering they can’t afford to lie, or they would be driven off the air by the so-called mainstream media and the Democratic Party. Remember, you probably won’t like what you hear, but unlike some in the media, you will hear the truth.

John Kauffman