Still searching for info on Lewistown firefighters

To the editor:

My name is Frank Medley Jr. Back in July of this summer I wrote a letter that was published in (The Sentinel). I had a great response to that. So great in fact that I am writing again for more help on the same project.

What I am doing is a history of the Lewistown Fire Department. Any information would be helpful. The information I am looking for is from Henderson Fire Company No. 1, Fame Fire Co. No. 2, Brooklyn Hose Co. No. 3, City Hook and Ladder No. 4, Junction Fire Co. No. 5 and Highland Park Hose Co. No. 6. Anything from apparatus to officers will be helpful. I am not looking to keep any memories; either a copy of them or I can make a copy of them.

Also I am looking for copies of Common Ground Magazines from Winter 1993-94 and spring of 1996. Also, any information that your readers have on the 1972, 1936 Flood, the Blizzard of 1993, The Amish Barn Fires, or any of the Big fires in Lewistown.

I want to take this time to thank Common Ground Magazine, Lt. Larry Carter and Capt. Bill Morrison of Brooklyn Hose Co. No. 13, Beanie Crager and Kim Freed of Brooklyn Hose Co. No. 13, Capt. Bob Barlett of City Hook and Ladder No. 14, Chief Bob McCaa, Chief Ron Scheaffer, Fire Investigator Mike Force, former Chief Bruce Trego, former Firefighter Carl Crowder of Fame Fire Co. No. 2, Fire Police Frank Medley Sr. Tim Pavlic of the Central Pa. Fire Museum (Fame Fire Co.), Mifflin County Historical Society, Dave Burman and WCHX radio.

Without all of your help and insight into the history I wouldn’t be where I am today with this project. There are more people that I will be sitting down with in the future. If you have any information you would like to share please email me at or call me at (717) 437-1290.

Frank Medley Jr.