Put your hand into new rainbow at the library

To the editor:

The rainbow is under construction at the Mifflin County Library.

Recently, the hallway into the Children’s Library was painted and the rainbow was covered up. A lot of library patrons, parents and children alike, were aghast. That rainbow has been there forever.

But did you know that this is actually the third rainbow that the library has had over the years?

The first was painted in about 1973 or so by Mifflin County School District art teacher Mrs. Marty Wysocki. I don’t know much about her. She volunteered to paint the rainbow; it began at the top of the stairs and followed the hallway all the way into the Children’s Library. So the librarians would always say: “Follow the rainbow.” I remember how bright and vibrant the colors of the original rainbow were. And I remember tracing my hand down the hallway and into the library, when I was a kid and even when I began working for the library.

In 1996, the elevator was installed and a major chunk of the rainbow was removed to make way for the elevator door, the rest painted over. The Children’s Library was painted shortly after- when I was a kid, the library was bright yellow with orange carpet. The walls were painted cream and the carpet (which was threadbare and worn) was replaced. During this time, in 1999, the Children’s Library was closed for renovations and Miss Sandy (Sandy Dedmon) and I repainted the rainbow. This was the second rainbow. You probably remember this one. The colors were soft and pastel and again followed the stairs and down the hall into the library.

But over the years, all the little hands tracing the rainbow to the library, left some smudges and finger marks. So we are once again painting.

It was our director, Molly Kinney, who suggested to me that I repaint the rainbow in your hand prints.

Isn’t that a great idea? I thought so, too.

After all, this is your library. These are your books. Why shouldn’t the rainbow be yours too? So, in 10 or 20 years, your hand print or your child’s hand print will be here to show your children or grandchildren. My sincere hope is for this library to be here for your children’s children to enjoy and that your children will look back on this library with fond memories when they are adults, just like I do today.

Use and support your library today so that we are here to serve you tomorrow.

So the rainbow is a work in progress. Two sections are done now; two more are yet to be complete plus the stairwell. We are painting again on Saturday, Feb. 8, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Please come and lend your hand. This activity is for all ages -babies through adult. If you aren’t available on Saturday, don’t worry. Please check our Facebook page or our web page for additional times to come in and paint your hand print.

Susan Miriello

Children’s Librarian

Mifflin County Library