Our country needs to return to independence

To the editor:

Has everyone noticed how much more dependent Americans have become on government? President Obama and his liberal/progressive allies obviously favor a dependency society. Right now, 46 percent of the people pay no federal individual income tax. Forty-nine percent of the people live in households where at least one member received a government benefit last year.

Our federal government spent more last year than ever before to subsidize Americans. This much dependence has not been seen ever before in our country. I am one American, and I believe there are lots more, who does not like the direction in which Obama has taken our country in the last five years.

If we continue, dependence and not independence will become the norm. We need to reduce government spending and emphasize more personal responsibility. President Obama emphasizes the increasing division between those who pay for programs that advance dependence, and those who accept and expect the assistance from those programs. Sometimes, these folks claim they are actually entitled to that assistance.

Liberals embrace government as the solution to all problems. Conservatives know we require some limited government to ensure life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. However, this country was intended to be a free society in which individuals, not the government, make decisions determining our future.

There really is no such thing as a “free lunch” or free entitlements. Someone pays for it. The government runs trillion dollar deficits yearly. Our total national debt is over $17 trillion. The government only gets money to hand out when it takes money from someone. Soon, more people will feel entitled or will become dependent and there won’t be enough people for the government to tax. We desperately need to tighten our belt, reduce government spending levels and return to more independence rather than dependence.

Dave Molek