Feels choice is between tyranny and freedom

To the editor:

Over the last few years I have witnessed some very idiotic ideas coming from our legislators and our courts.

Just this week in Pennsylvania a Democrat judge voided our voter ID law. So now anyone, even a non-citizen, can vote thereby nullifying my own vote. If I have to show an ID to fill a prescription; buy liquor; get on a plane; see doctors; and for so many other things then why is the most important facet of my citizenship treated otherwise? Who is being offended by having to show they are eligible to vote if they are not offended by the requirement to show their ID for so many other things?

We have judges opposing the will of the people in so many matters that effectively diminish the freedoms our founders fought for centuries ago. The framers did not create our freedoms in fact they limited the government’s right to claim control of our freedoms by establishing them as being inalienable.

But today we see our constitution being destroyed one page at a time by so-called progressives who might as well list themselves as anti-constitutionalists – for that is exactly what they are. I might expect this in North Korea, Cuba, Iran and other dictatorial nations, but here in a country founded upon the basic tenet of freedom it distresses me to the point of distrust for my elected representatives.

When representatives can make law and exempt themselves, that then is not law, but dictatorship. That is in total opposition to the concept of a constitutional republic; it becomes a selective democracy to which many of our founders expressed a warning.

Where in our Constitution does the federal government have the right to grant permission to commit murder (abortion) upon innocents? Where in the Constitution is the president allowed to impose a deviant sexual behavior not only on our military but on the populace as a whole? Where did the framers direct the government to control health care and many other issues of life itself?

When was the First Amendment of our Constitution overturned or changed so as to eliminate the free expression of religion and undermine religious values? Where is the voice of our representatives when a mandate (ObamaCare) was sent to the Supreme Court for review and sent back regurgitated as a tax a tax, unlike a mandate, that required more than a simple majority to pass in Congress? Where in the Constitution did the Supreme Court get its authority to create law when in fact its function is to review a law’s constitutionality? If not constitutional, then send it back to the lower court or to the Legislature that created it in the first place. But to re-create a law was never given to them as their option.

I do not personally condone the use of contraceptives, especially for use by minors. I d– sure do not want to pay for them or for abortion, or even the so-called morning-after pill. If people are so intent upon killing a baby in the womb a day or even a month after conception then let them pay for their own sins and not ask me through taxation to become a contributor. Pay for the sin yourself. And when it comes time for you to explain your sin to God Almighty, you should know I will not be required to share your cost; that will be yours alone to bear.

Diane Logan