Family is thankful for support during son’s medical procedures

To the editor:

We want to thank everyone who donated items for the Chinese auction held on Dec. 20, 2013, at the Brooklyn firehouse in Lewistown to benefit Mark E. Priest. We also want to thank everyone who helped in any way. Plus, of course, we want to thank the people who came out and brought tickets.

Mark had brain surgery on Dec. 3 to remove an arachnoid cyst from his brain stem. This cyst was causing Mark all sorts of problems, including a constant headache for more than a year, shocks going through his body, dizziness and hearing loss.

Since the surgery, all his symptoms have disappeared. He is having balance problems right now but we believe he will have a full recovery. His insurance wouldn’t cover all of his expense, so Mark had to come up with $35,000 for his surgery and another $3,500 for the hospital. We raised almost $1,900 from the Chinese auction! Thus far, we have raised over $23,500, so we are more than halfway there. We need another $15,000.

We are still having fundraisers. Right now we are selling Marianna’s hoagies and pizzas. The last day to order is this Saturday, Jan. 25. Call Deb Priest at 248-0934 or email her at if you care to place an order.

We are also collecting recipes to make a cookbook to raise money. If you have a couple recipes you would like included in this book and/or if you would like to purchase a cookbook when it is published, please contact Deb. Anyone who would like to make a donation, please contact Deb or any donation may be deposited at Kish Bank to the Mark E. Priest Benefit Fund. Thank you for any help. Please check out the page that was started for him on Facebook at

Deborah C. Priest