Response to criticism of Christmas lights in park

To the editor:

I am writing this as a response to Dr. Feldman and his letter published in The Sentinel on Dec. 10. I am a member of the Shining Light Through the Darkness Committee. This response would have been sooner had I not been busy maintaining the seasonal display at Kishacoquillas Park.

As the people of Israel turned their backs on God, the prophet Isaiah, in the middle of God’s warning, told of a messiah who would be a light unto all the world. That a baby would be born of a virgin and placed in lowly estate and then be lifted up on a stick as the serpent in the desert, for all to see and claim the salvation of God’s grace, forgiveness of all life’s mistakes to make all perfect before God.

Those of us that have accepted the gift of salvation offered to all of God’s creation can’t help but want to extend that gift to you and all of our neighbors. We’re not forcing any to believe in Christ. But we are trying to present the message of hope presented by the prophet Isaiah and fulfilled by the birth of Jesus Christ our Lord.

Shining Light Through the Darkness, while trying to present the Christian message, does not restrict who may help adorn the park during this time but rather invites all of any religion or non-religion to help with the decorating. All are welcome to help with general set-up or having a designated area to decorate as they desire, in a way that is not offensive to families.

As God has been waiting 10,000 years or more for all of mankind to embrace his love, we accept that not all will embrace his love just because of what Shining Light is doing. But I wonder: Is your protesting because Jesus is calling to you with his love, and you – as all men – have a right to push him away?

Waldo R. Gray