Fears for Uncle Sam’s life and urges prayer for him

To the editor:

I have family problems, and so do you. We are nearly all members of the family of Uncle Sam. Uncle Sam is very sick, and many in our family fear that he won’t survive. Uncle Sam has been sick before, but never like at the present. What’s Uncle Sam’s problem? We are.

Through the years, we’ve many times chosen the wrong caregivers for our favorite uncle. Many of the caregivers (elected officials), rather than protecting our uncle’s health, turned out to be, themselves, actively injuring our dear uncle.

Several have been active disease carriers, such as the infectious disease of Progressivism, leaving permanent damage, even after leaving Uncle Sam’s side.

Some caregivers have been unqualified, inept, naive, self-serving, and some were there because of elite family connections. Sadly, in my opinion, most were dishonest, in one way or another.

What’s kept our dear uncle’s health fairly steady since birth in 1776, was what I believe to be a common thread, that all caregivers (administration), were, despite their self interests, true blue patriots, even including the progressive, damage-inflicting administration of FDR.

In fairness, when we hired our current caregivers, in 2008, the GOP, and the so-called mainstream press gave us a progressive (McCain), and the Dems, and the press gave us a totalitarian (Obama), from which to choose. The

press sold these candidates as

a GOP conservative, and a moderate Democrat.

After eight years of bashing Bush as a stupid, uncaring, warmongering conservative, we chose what some thought was a moderate Dem. We were fooled, big time. What we got can’t be described as caregivers. I believe the administration we have is doing all it can to destroy the health of Uncle Sam, and to actually do away with Uncle Sam, to be replaced by something we won’t even recognize. In the last election, the GOP and the press fielded a weak ticket which seemed designed to lose. Still, with all we knew about the Obama Administration, I would think that even a mild virus should have garnered more votes, than these incumbents.

People: I believe that we are in the throes of the most dishonest, unscrupulous, ruthless, lawless, power hungry bunch of would-be dictators that is bent on turning Uncle Sam into a Third World banana republic. We have a president who rules by fiat. He makes, changes, even refuses to enforce laws as he pleases. He has forced the nuclear option in the Senate, thus enabling the appointment of leftist judges who will uphold any law he may make, ignore or twist. He has no problem with truth telling, since he seems to do it rarely, and maybe it’s just me, but he doesn’t seem to have liked anything about Uncle Sam, right up to the time his administration became the caregivers.

What can stop him from becoming our last president, and our first king? Not the GOP. They will strongly object, but when threatened with losing what power they have, or even losing office, they will do as usual, roll over and play dead. I’ve said before, and I’ll say it again. Pray for Uncle Sam. He needs it.

John Kauffman