Believes the final battle events starting to unfold

To the editor:

Our destiny as a nation all centers around the nation of Israel, where the final battle will take place.

The Bible describes the events that will unfold concerning Jerusalem. Many of those events are occurring now as nation after nation is turning against Israel and spreading hatred toward them. The Bible also tells of the destruction of those nations that rise up against Israel in the final battle.

So what are we going to be doing in the meantime? As God instructs “Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.” Support the suffering Jewish people, especially those in great poverty as those in the former Soviet Union. Contact the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews, 20 N. LaSalle St., Suite 4300, Chicago, IL, 60602-3356. They have several different ways to help through “Guardians of Israel, Isaiah 58 and Wings of Eagles.”

Pray that the U.S. continues to support Israel and will help them in time of need. Speak up for Israel. Let them know that we love and support them.

Most of all, look forward to the day that our Lord Jesus Christ will walk over all on his throne in Jerusalem.

The time is really close as the events that Jesus told us are unfolding one by one.

Make sure you are ready to meet our God, the Father of us all. Make sure you are right with his son Jesus, the only way to God.

Carol Bishop