Apology offered if wrong impression was made

To the editor:

I appreciate The Sentinel for writing an article and drawing attention to the Chinese auction and to our son, Mark Priest’s, need for help playing his medical expenses, but I’m sorry if I gave the impression that my husband and I did everything.

That’s NOT really how it happened. We did not make sure he went to the doctors around here. His wife Staci is the one who made the appointments, etc. Mark found the doctor in California from the Internet.

Dr. Shahinian was on The Doctor Show for doing surgery on a patient with an arachnid cyst in a similar location. Mark’s wife, Staci, contacted Dr. Shahinian’s office. Because Dr. Shahinian is out of his insurance’s network, Mark has to come up with a total of $35,000 for the surgery ($10,000 of which he had to send to the doctor’s office 3 weeks before the surgery).

We came into the picture more when Mark said he wasn’t going to have the surgery because he couldn’t afford it. I did set up the fund to raise the money, but actually the Chinese auction idea was started by their friend, Tonda Stewart.

Tonda and her daughter, Ashley Amspacker, went out and got a lot of the items for in the auction. The items are being kept at Mark and Staci’s home in a spare bedroom. Staci just had surgery on her hip about 6 weeks ago, but she is helping immensely also.

My husband, Erven Priest, went to California with Mark because Staci couldn’t go along because of her surgery. Sorry that it sounded like Erven and I did everything – we didn’t.

Deborah Priest