Wonders why common sense, etc. has vanished

To the editor:

I was talking to my friend last evening on the phone when he related to me a conversation he had with an employee at Walmart. He told me he happened to mention the fact that Black Friday was approaching and he was informed by the employee that they are not supposed to call it Black Friday anymore and that “Black Friday” is now called “Event Friday.”

This person even told him that an employee was even reprimanded in the store office for forgetting and calling the Friday after Thanksgiving Black Friday.

Come on people. Isn’t that a bit silly? It’s now not politically correct to call the biggest sales day of the year when retailers get to mark their ledgers with black ink instead of red ink … OOPS! Maybe I shouldn’t have said red ink. Expressions such as, “I’m having a ‘red letter day”’ may no longer be politically correct. It might offend someone. Where is this country headed? Is everyone afraid of their own shadow, or have they just lost all of their common sense?

Speaking of common sense, how about all of the Zero Tolerance policies out there? No guns allowed at school for example. So a child who takes his hands and points his index finger and says “BANG!” is treated as though he is a dangerous killer. Be careful everyone, when he says “bang” that his fingernail might go flying off the end of his finger, and pass through the bodies of several students.

How about the child who bit off pieces of his Pop-Tart until it resembled a gun? What is the danger in that? The biggest danger from Pop-Tarts is that someone might eat too many and gain a couple of pounds. Then there was the kid who got into trouble for wearing an NRA t-shirt. Then there was the boy who forgot to take his pocket knife out of his pocket after hunting and went to a football game. When he realized what he had done, he turned it in to a police officer at the game and got in all kinds of trouble over it.

There are hundreds of stories that have been on the news of similar situations and people act as though these kids are a bunch of terrorists. As a matter of fact, the real terrorists at GITMO are all treated better than these kids. I swear that those in authority in this country have no common sense at hall.

When I was a kid, we played cops and robbers and cowboys and Indians all the time. We also played tag, dodge ball, Red Rover and all types of such games. I don’t recall ever hearing of a school shooting or any such thing. We even used real footballs, volleyballs, and even baseballs and softball, and the worst thing I can ever remember happening was once a football went off to the side of someone’s foot when they kicked it and it went through a window.

It’s not the games or the pretend guns or anything like that which are the problem in schools today. The biggest difference between then and now is that back then, everyday at the beginning of school classes, we heard the teacher read a passage from the Bible, we all said the Lord’s Prayer, and then we said the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America.

No child was ever tested to see if they were paying attention as the Bible was read -maybe they did, and maybe they didn’t -but the chance was there for them to hear. Many of us learned patriotism, respect for others and respect for God!

I have a bit of advice for every one out there who seems to be easily offended. When you choose to be offended by what someone says, you give them the power over you. You can say anything to me or about me that you want to say. I refuse to be offended, therefore, I refuse to give you power over me with your words. Think about it!.

This nation needs a massive dose of common sense. Stop this political correctness which is stifling our nation and serves no good purpose. Replace the stupid Zero Tolerance rules. I realize that we do need rules and regulations, but think them through with some practical thinking before you implement them, and make both the rules and those coming up with them seem foolish.

Stephen Sellers