Urges votes for Barron to bring change to MC bench

To the editor:

I am writing in response to a letter to the editor dated Oct. 17 and written by Bill Finkenbiner. His letter is in regard to the upcoming election of a new judge for Mifflin County and in it he poses the question, “a change to what?”

In the past 20 years my experiences as a practicing psychotherapist in Mifflin County have continually reminded me of the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics. At it’s simplest it is a law of decay – it explains why everything falls apart and disintegrates over time. Science has proven that eventually everything changes. Nature guarantees us that nothing stays fresh, that’s why we paint the house, buy new clothes, plant new crops, accumulate medical bills, create new relationships and the list goes on because it is endless. Any “system” will also eventually become disorderly and change, because it is simply a law of nature.

So I would respond to Mr. Finkenbiner by saying that nature proves, ultimately, there is a change to everything.

Please be aware that the “vote for experience” platform is a campaign based on fear – manipulating citizens to cast their vote by preying on their fear of change.

There is a 3rd Law of Thermodynamics which advises that since change is inevitable, we must accept that it is going to happen and move on even though it’s a hard thing to do.

I would encourage voters to understand that sooner or later there will be a change in our judge, to accept that change and reject this attempt at preying on your fears. On Tuesday, Nov. 5, I would urge voters to vote for change and vote for Dave Barron.

Marlin G. Conner

D.Sc. C.A.D.C.