Transportation bill will take too much from cars

To the editor:

What has happened to our commonwealth when a transportation bill can be passed that puts the onus not on all the users but instead places the whole of the burden on those who use automobiles.

Mass transit users should be required to pay for their own service; ports should charge higher fees if needed for their operations; airports should raise user fees to maintain their infrastructure; and damn sure the drivers should not be taxed so a few legislators might have some slush money to hand out in return for political support.

To own and operate a car is expensive enough and those of us who cannot travel except by car should not be required to pick up the tab for those who use public transportation subsidized by automobile owners who don’t have the option of public transportation themselves.

One example of idiocy in the DOT is the waste of money building the pedestrian bridge in Mifflintown at a cost of over one million dollars. A new bridge built a short distance away has a pedestrian walkway and seems to be a very capable means of crossing the river from one town to the other.

If the DOT stopped using eight workers on a site instead of the apparent three or four actually doing the work while others sit around maybe their budget could be redirected to the needed maintenance and structure replacements.

Welcome Pennsylvanians to becoming the highest state gasoline tax in the nation.

Diane Logan