Tea Party Patriots urge officials to ink resolution

To the editor:

This is the Mifflin County Tea Party Patriots’ response to the Nov. 8 Sentinel article concerning our meeting with the Mifflin County Commissioners on our resolution to support our right to bear arms.

Commissioner Kodish claimed that our resolution was not presented in the right venue. We would like to emphasize that the practice of submitting and voting on resolutions is a typical part

of business in public assemblies. The commissioners’ meeting

was a public meeting and, therefore, followed the guidelines of a public assembly.

Our resolution urging the county commissioners to protect our gun rights is supported by over 500 signatures in Mifflin County. We want to reiterate that the Bradford County Commissioners passed a similar resolution. In addition, recently, Carroll County in Maryland became the third county in that state this month to pass a resolution by their county commissioners affirming their opposition to gun control. A total of 52 out of New York state’s 62 counties introduced resolutions requesting the repeal of gun control. Of those 52 county resolutions, 40 of them have already passed.

Commissioners Kodish, Sunderland and Riden indicated to us that they would sign our petition and even offered to obtain signatures for our petition. However, the commissioners do not realize that the people who signed our petition are requesting that the commissioners pass our resolution. Therefore, it makes no sense that the county commissioners would be willing to sign a petition which urges the county commissioners to pass the resolution.

Commissioner Riden felt compelled to tell us that he owned a gun before Lisa Nancollas was born and that this was his reasoning for not passing our resolution. We are disappointed that he did not give a more thoughtful and cogent reason for rejecting our resolution.

Commissioner Riden stated that he had his “finger on the gun issue” because he talked to Sen. Toomey while he was in Lewistown on a tour with a New York state group for gun control. Unfortunately, having his “finger on the issue” does not adequately address this problem for our county. He should sign our resolution instead.

Commissioners Kodish, Sunderland and Riden need to support the other county commissioners and residents in this state and other states who have passed resolutions supporting the Second Amendment. They need to demonstrate to the families of this county that they actively support our right to bear arms.

Mifflin County

Tea Party Patriots

Lisa Nancollas and Ed Fike Jr.