Sitting judges can’t risk compromising integrity

To the editor:

I am writing to respond to the notion that Dave Barron knocking on “4,500 doors” should be viewed as a reason to vote for him in the upcoming judicial election. I like my UPS driver, but I don’t think the fact that he knocks on several hundred doors a day qualifies him to be a judge. In fact, I think trumpeting this campaign tactic shows a lack of understanding as to what the position of judge entails.

Imagine if Judge Tim Searer knocked on a random door only to have it opened by the father in a contentious custody case he had recently heard. Worse yet, imagine the reaction of the mother who happens to pull up to the house to exchange the children and sees Judge Searer walking out of the driveway. A sitting judge cannot put himself in that position of compromising the integrity of the court.

Instead of going unsolicited from door to door campaigning for election, Judge Searer has been doing what he has been doing for the past 20 years: Working for the citizens of Mifflin County and effectively and efficiently operating our local judiciary. Instead of kissing babies like a politician, he has been making the tough decisions which impact their lives.

Tim Searer has been an active member of our community within the proper bounds of his elected position. He has lived in Mifflin County all of his life and is connected to and understands the needs of our residents. His experience and proven track record make him the best candidate for Judge. I urge my fellow citizens to favor him with their vote on Nov. 5.

Lewis E. Wagner