Sees American freedoms heading downhill fast

To the editor:

I submitted my first letter to The Sentinel on Jan. 13, 2009, and in most letters I warned about the gradual onset of socialism. While the true believers of this ungodly, dehumanizing plan to assure the equality of everyone (except the rulers), has been around since before their hero, Teddy Roosevelt, it didn’t gain traction until after the master plan went into high gear in the 1960s.

The plan involved infiltrating, and apostatizing the churches, taking over the school from elementary through college, encouraging the drug culture, promoting the so-called women’s liberation, including ridding the nation of anti-abortion laws and, most important of all was the huge expansion of all programs designed to create dependency on the government.

The family structure has been under extreme pressure since then, but even with the push for personal freedom (to do anything we darn well pleased), the family structure tenuously held together, until Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society kicked in, replacing the bread winners, the child care givers, even replacing parents, helping grown children and grandchildren.

Next came Richard Nixon, who, while hated by the liberals for his previous efforts of exposing communists, thought he could win over the left by putting Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society programs on steroids.

Before all this government encroachment, rich or poor, we had pride, because we had the best role models – our parents. Our school chum’s parents, as well as most parents in the community were good role models also. Of course with all this liberation, the divorce rate began to climb, and with all the financial benefits of raising children without being married, we have now gotten to the point where there is no constant male role model in the home and a questionable female role in many.

We’ve all been made dependent on the government in some way. Some more than others, but we all have become dependent. Now with Obamacare kicking in, we’ll really be dependent. Wow, can you imagine threatening to de-fund socialized medicine? No way. How can we blame people, for voting into office those persons who promise to give them the most?

That, in my opinion, is how we got here. I knew that with the election of President Obama, that we are going downhill fast, but I counted on the Republicans to do more than pretend to oppose this obvious takeover of the entire government. I was wrong. There aren’t enough good Republicans left to even slow down the carnage, let alone stop it.

Sadly, the coming event that will wake up about half the country will signal that the battle is lost, and our freedom is gone. That event will be the realization that our President doesn’t intend to leave office after two terms, doesn’t have to, and won’t, unless George Soros and his other shadowy puppeteers decide he’s no longer useful to the cause. Just watch.

We are quickly going from partial freedom to totalitarianism. Totalitarian is defined as pertaining to centralized government, that does not tolerate parties of different opinion, and that exercises dictatorial control of many aspects of life. Where do we go from here? Absolute tyranny. In other words, H,,, on earth, and I don’t mean Heaven! Boy, would I love to be wrong.

John Kauffman