Scout recalls steps taken toward his Eagle project

To the editor:

As I approached the time to begin an Eagle Scout project several ideas crossed my mind. None however seemed as important and lasting as to help support our local library. I have many cherished memories of visiting the library and attending the summer reading programs. Over the years our library system has faced many critical financial cuts, and that really prompted me to approach the previous library director Carol Veitch about giving the community an outdoor area to enjoy reading. As a result of the meeting it was agreed upon to explore the possibility of building a gazebo to further the community’s interest in the Lewistown Branch of the Mifflin County Library.

From this point on, I attended many meetings that included the Troop 4 Committee, the Mifflin County Library Board of Directors, the Lewistown Borough, and the Lewistown Recreation Board. These meetings were necessary to further discuss the feasibility of the project. The project was met with much enthusiasm and was given the go-ahead by all parties.

Upon approval, the next step demanded numerous hours of fundraising, which was met by the generous support of our community. Then came the hard work of designing a blueprint, obtaining permits, making a materials list, and negotiating prices for everything along the way. After all the planning and purchasing, we broke ground in late summer of 2012, and completed the foundation of the gazebo before winter weather put the project at a stand-still until spring of this year. April is when everything went into full swing to complete the project. Many factors influenced the timeline of the completion of my project including the necessity of adult leadership due to the equipment needed to build this project. Other factors included weather, conflicting schedules, and continued resourcing of labor to complete each step of the construction process.

This gazebo was built with the hard work of my fellow scouts of Troop 4 Lewistown, and the huge amount of support from the local community. The entire project was made possible by the following people and businesses: Scott Hackenberg, Neil Purcell, Carol Veitch, Denny Patterson, B.J. Clark, Dean Dressler, Nathan Tate, Molly Kinney, Bob and Nancy Held, my scout leader Rick Cahill, Joe Young and all other adult leadership within Troop 4, as well as my entire family. I also want to thank Jason Donaldson (technology teacher) at the Mifflin County High School, Ruth Henry and Trevor Allen of Lowe’s Home Improvement, the faculty of the Mifflin County Middle School, the Grove Memorial Methodist Church and the entire congregation, the Mifflin County Garden Club, Rex Fink of Lewistown Borough (building code office), the Lewistown Recreation Board, the patrons of the Mifflin County Library, DMB Roofing, the Burnham Fire Company, the City Hook and Ladder, the Fraternal Order of Eagles (Ladies Auxiliary), Juniata Concrete, Allensville Planing Mill, James Wolfley Backhoe Service, and last, but certainly not the least, the local community’s support.

Myron D. Milliken