Says renewable energy is the future for nation

To the editor:

In response to your editorial on Obama’s energy policy, I believe you are providing some misleading information, as well as missing the bigger story.

First, the Keystone energy pipeline will not provide energy to the U.S., it is designed to transport Canadian oil for export to the rest of the world.

This statement is also strange because the abundance of oil in the U.S. has already flattened our need for imported oil.

The bigger picture is that renewable energy is the future. The nation which invents the new technologies will reap the economic benefits in the same way the Saudis have reaped the benefits of oil exports for the last 50 years.

Already China, Germany and other countries are far ahead of the U.S. Meanwhile America is losing the technology race because we are clinging to outdated technologies because people have a prejudice that renewable energy is some kind of liberal conspiracy.

Despite this, if you travel across the U.S. you will find thousands of wind farms and solar panel power stations. The technology is becoming more efficient and economically profitable. And science is bringing new clean energy technologies every day.

The days of fossil fuels are coming to an inevitable end. Those who are skeptical of renewable energy do not have faith in America’s ability to solve the problem of creating new clean energy technologies. I do believe America can do it and it will create a better world.

John Whiteman