Saddened by the thieves roaming Milroy’s streets

To the editor:

My husband was out checking the yard last night and noticed someone had removed the top of his wind whirler from its post.

We bought the item in another part of the state, the only one that we have ever seen like it and not replaceable. To us it was invaluable.

He checked the creek bed beside our home and across the street, walked up and down our small section of road and it was nowhere to be found.

Lately there has been a lot of late night activity in the neighborhood. I don’t know who took it, or when, but we would like to have the item back and on its stand.

We are tired of people coming into our yard, taking items that have been paid for by us, used by us, and wanted by us. There was a large dolly removed from the back of our truck, another item we don’t know when it happened. There have been many solar lights removed from the yard, many that were bought from QVC and were good ones and just bought. There have been fence posts removed from where they belong, planters dumped, and other activity in our yard.

People need to start respecting other people’s property. Whether owned or rented, we live here, we own the items being stolen, and we are saddened that our nice town of Milroy has thieves roaming the streets at night.

If anyone finds this large metal top with circles for the wind to move, please bring it home to 25 Mechanic St. and set it back on the top of its stand. It belongs in the flower bed at the front of the yard, in the middle of the round bed.

From now on, if you want something you see in our yard, please come to the door and we will decide if you should have it or we still want it.

I hope when you look at it, you are shamed by what you did and have no enjoyment from it.

Jeannie Hoover