Keep transportation bill free of all the extra items

To the editor:

When Corbett took office as governor he said that transportation was too important to be part of the main budget and made it a separate budget. This past spring, the transportation bill would have passed but it was tied to the privatization of the liquor stores. Now our politicians are trying to tie lowering the state prevailing wage with the transportation bill.

If the transportation bill is so important to be its own item, why do our state politicians continue to tie other items to it? Are these other items more important than the traveling public that uses the Pennsylvania roads and bridges?

I heard the argument before (that) lowering the state prevailing wage will help lower the cost of the projects. How come we continue to hear ways to lower the wages of the working people, but never of our politicians? Lowering the cost of politicians would directly, dollar for dollar, lower the cost to our state government.

Why can’t our state politicians just vote and pass a state transportation bill on its own merit?

Donald Fultz