Judge Searer backed for operating within the law

To the editor:

In a recent letter to the editor, a contributor urged voters to back the candidate who had knocked on 2,500 doors since July, and who had refused campaign contributions by “self funding” his campaign. As an advocate for her candidate, she can be forgiven for overlooking some significant details.

Since July, as always, Judge Searer has maintained his commitment to the citizens of Mifflin County to hear and decide cases and to ensure the Court and its offices are open to serve Mifflin County. Day in and day out, he continues to uphold the trust the electorate has placed in him to show up for work and do the job they pay him to do. It is a difficult decision in light of the coming election, but the correct one.

Mr. Barron can be away from his office because he isn’t required to appear in court every day, and due in part to the fact he continues to receive a salary from the County of Mifflin as the part-time second assistant district attorney.

Judge Searer has been accessible to the public in a variety of venues that are appropriate public forums for a judicial candidate. He is a Kiwanian. He has shown his support for local charities, including Habitat for Humanity, the Justin Henry Scholarship Trust, ROFF and the Juniata Valley YMCA. He has attended Community Days in McVeytown, Burnham and Reedsville. He has been to a variety of other gatherings that allow people to get to know him in an appropriate public setting over chicken corn soup in Allensville, cheeseburgers and sausage sandwiches in Belleville, turkey dinners in Allensville and Burnham, and spaghetti in Milroy.

As another writer noted, when a candidate for judge appears at your neighbor’s door and speaks with them, it does make one question what they are talking about; especially, if that candidate doesn’t then come next door to talk to you.

I urge the voters of Mifflin County to select the candidate who will follow the law, and show up for work day in and day out to ensure that the citizens of Mifflin County get their money’s worth for their trust. Join me on Nov. 5 in voting for President Judge Tim Searer.

John Thompson