Warns of danger if we do not hold tight to liberty

To the editor:

A Swiss-born French writer Benjamin Constant, in his speech, “The Liberty of Ancients Compared with that of Moderns,” gives us something to contemplate. If we ignore it we do so at our own peril. Freedom and liberty are earned and must be defended against those who would rob us of both.

“The danger of modern liberty is that, absorbed in the enjoyment of our private independence, and in the pursuit of our particular interests, we should surrender our right to share in political power too easily. The holders of authority are only too anxious to encourage us to do so. They are so ready to spare us all sort of troubles, except those of obeying and paying. They will say to us: What, in the end, is the aim of your efforts, the motive of your labors, the object of all your hopes? Is it not happiness? Well, leave this happiness to us and we shall give it to you.”

Clyde Bailey