Urges voters to support issues not merely names

To the editor:

Very shortly Mifflin and Juniata will be having elections. To many voters, this not being a presidential election means they become very complacent in their voting, especially in considering the issues. Voters seem to vote more for the names and or appearances. Now with the many problems local and federal government has it is high time voters vote for the issues. Has voting for names and appearances caused these problems? We think so.

We as a group do not endorse parties or candidates. We do endorse issues. We are pro life, anti-abortion, anti-euthanasia, anti -embryo stem cell research and anti-gay marriage. Our belief is that those issues are sinful and an abomination in God’s eyes. We hate the sin but we do love the sinner, even if he or she seeks elective office.

We suggest voters review and study the issues. In that way you will be able to select your candidate. It will be more than how your candidate looks or what their name is. We believe in voting the issues. You will elect candidates who can guide our government in the right direction.

Frank Cunningham


Citizens Concerned with Human Life

of Mifflin Juniata Inc.