Urges leadership in court, not a new temperament

To the editor:

On October 22, I attended the “Meet the Candidates Night” at the Mifflin County High School. It’s no surprise that Tim Searer set a winning tone at the event, especially when it came to the issues. However, when it came to Mr. Barron, I noticed that he kept saying “excuse me” quite often, whenever he made a mistake. To me, this is no surprise because of his lack of experience. When he told the audience that Mifflin County was in need of “new temperament,” he paused after saying “new” and there was an awkward five-second gap. When he finished his sentence by saying “temperament,” I was genuinely taken aback. Temperament? I don’t know much about the judicial system, but in my opinion, there is no room for temperament: Only solid leadership and experience. The last time I checked, we will be voting for experience, not personality.

That’s exactly what the majority of voters did in 2012: They voted for Obama’s temperament rather than Romney’s experience – how could those who voted for Obama not see that our nation has only worsened in national debt and economic matters, among other things as well? I would like to ask this question to the readers: Do we want someone who will coddle us with false hopes while they are still doing on-the-job training, or do we want someone who knows what they’re doing and will tell us the truth, whether it is likeable or not? If you prefer the latter, then please do your part and mark your ballots for Judge Timothy S. Searer.

Jonathan Hayes