Taylor stumps for state appeals court candidate

To the editor:

Victor Stabile, 55 a Republican candidate for Pennsylvania Superior Court at the Nov. 5 election, lives near Carlisle, Cumberland County, and is managing partner of the Harrisburg office of the Dilworth-Paxton Law Firm.

His practice includes litigation, complex commercial and business matters, trials and appeals in Pennsylvania and federal courts. He graduated cum laude from State University of New York at Stoneybrook and has a law degree from Dickinson Law School, Carlisle, where he was on law review and student body president. Stabile has been named a Pennsylvania “Super Lawyer” for his professional experience and expertise. He has been a 12-year supervisor in an industrial township.

The Superior Court decides appeals in all criminal cases except death penalty cases, all family law cases, and all civil cases except those with local or state governments or their agencies or officials. The Superior Court has 15 judges, 10 from Pittsburgh, four from the Philadelphia area, with one vacancy. Ten judges are women, four are men, eight are Republicans, and six are Democrats.

Stabile, a conservative, will bring the values and traditions of central Pennsylvania to the court. His democratic opponent, John T. McVay, 57, a Pittsburgh Common Pleas Judge, has a left-wing political background.

Stabile, rated recommended by the Pennsylvania Bar Association, is endorsed by FOP Chapter of Pennsylvania State Police, NRA, Pennsylvania Medical Association, and others, and is pro-life and pro-gun.

The recommendation of the Pennsylvania Bar Association refers only to the candidate’s legal ability, experience, integrity, and work ethic. This has no relationship whatever to the legal or political philosophy of the candidate.

Newton C. Taylor Esq.