Supports Lyter for Juniata County sheriff

To the editor:

As I set here this morning writing a few words to you in regard to the politics of smoke and mirrors that has engulfed this nation over the past few weeks, one thought constantly comes to mind. People get the type of leaders that they have voted into office.

It does not make much difference if it is at the national, state, or local level, people no longer vote for the more principled candidate. Today’s voter looks at the office seeker as to what the person could do for them, not for the character traits, experience, or common sense that a particular candidate may possess.

With the Fall 2013 Election upon us, I would like to suggest that Juniata County voters pay very close attention to the two gentlemen running for the office of sheriff. Look at the qualities of both men.

As a voter, you make up your own mind and vote accordingly, but as for me, I will be voting for our sitting sheriff, H. Thomas Lyter. In my mind, he has the character traits, common sense, experience, and leadership abilities needed to fulfill the requirements of this most important county office.

Bobby Sieber