Supports Barron in race for Common Pleas Judge

To the editor:

I would like to voice my support of Dave Barron for Judge in the Court of Common Pleas. I think it is time for Mifflin County to have a fresh perspective in our courtrooms, someone who is willing to hear the voices of all people and treat them with fairness and respect. That person is Dave Barron.

He has been a lawyer in our community for more than 20 years and has represented so many of us in so many different types of cases. He is a very capable attorney who is always able to see the big picture and advise his clients without bias as to what the best course of action is. He works very hard for his clients and takes pride in his honesty and fairness. He is relentless in his support of those in need in our community, regardless of their ability to pay. He has a very broad range of experience that would serve him well as judge, including but not limited to: assistant public defender, assistant district attorney, and various administrative positions within the Mifflin County Bar Association. He is no stranger to the judicial system and would be able to bring something to our courtroom that has been missing for quite some time.

It is time for change. Mifflin County needs Dave Barron in its courtroom. Someone who has not forgotten what it truly means to serve the people. Someone new who is a familiar and trusted face in the community and who has not become complacent.

I think that the way Dave is conducting his campaign speaks volumes to his character. His campaign is completely self-funded, which should be extremely important to us as voters because we know that he has no obligations to any person or organization that contributed big bucks to his campaign. This allows him to be unbiased in a way that is very different from campaigns paid for by committees and fundraising. Dave has also taken a very personal approach to his campaign. He has literally spoken to thousands of voters over the last few months, both on the phone and by knocking on doors. He is demonstrating that he cares about the people in this community and that he is dedicated to finding ways to make Mifflin County better than it’s ever been. Let’s make this happen. Dave Barron for Judge could be exactly the breath of fresh air that this community has needed for quite some time.

Elizabeth James