Supports Barron after backing Molek for DA

To the editor:

The beginning of my interest in politics began two years ago when I got involved in the DA race, when Dave Molek ran against Steve Snook. My interest started for personal reasons, but ended up being a fight for all of Mifflin County that was wronged by the local judicial system. I heard so many horror stories about the judicial system and how people were treated in the courts it just blew my mind. So I knew that this fight would not be over upon winning that election.

That day in November of 2011, Mifflin County told us loud and clear, “It is time for a change!” It was definitely a huge win because the “good old boys club” got shook up and was starting to crumble. At the courthouse on election night as we were celebrating the win, I made the statement that our mission is not over, we have another important race coming up in two years that we need to be preparing for.

So here it is, two years later and I am now campaigning for and fully supporting Dave Barron for Judge. We cannot stop with the win for the DA race; we need Dave Barron to win on Nov. 5. Voters, it is up to you to come out and vote to continue on this mission for change.

Dave has knocked on over 2,500 doors since July asking for support – did the incumbent knock on any doors? Dave’s campaign is completely self funded – is the incumbent’s? No, he through his committee has solicited and accepted funds from many individuals, lawyers and businesses. Dave has stated he will only serve one term because of the importance of term limits, well we all know the incumbent’s stance on that. The incumbent did make the statement when he ran the last time that this was his last term, so why is he running again?

On Tuesday, Nov. 5, I will be voting for Dave Barron for Judge and I hope that you, the voters, will again vote for change in Mifflin County.

Deena Frankhouser