Sees no need for change in Mifflin County Judge

To the editor:

I’m pleased to write on behalf of Judge Tim Searer and encourage the voters of Mifflin County to trust him with another term as our President Judge. I’ve known Judge Searer since his high school and collegiate baseball playing days.

Years ago, when he was doing some umpiring of high school and college baseball, it was always a pleasure when he and his partner, J.T. Thompson, would be assigned to one of our games at Mount Union. We always knew that the game would be officiated impartially, the rules thoroughly understood and correctly applied and that this crew would work hard so that our student athletes could engage fairly in the competition.

I’ve observed much of the same during Judge Searer’s years on the bench. His record of experience and how his decisions are regularly upheld by higher courts is indicative of his knowledge and abilities. He makes sure the playing field is level for all who appear in his courtroom.

Over the years I’ve been the head baseball coach at Mount Union, I’ve seen many changes in the high school game. I’ve even made a few pitching changes myself. Yet one thing has always been a constant for me. You don’t make a change without a reason. When an athlete is performing at the top of his or her game, you don’t take him out of the contest. Judge Searer is at the top of his game. There is absolutely no reason to bring in a rookie. I’m voting for Judge Searer and ask you to do so, too.

Nick Imperioli

Mount Union (Mifflin County)