Says only Searer has qualifications for judge

To the editor:

Tim Searer is the only candidate qualified to meet the demands of President Judge in Mifflin County, both in terms of judging cases and in managing the judicial branch of our county’s government for the next 10 years. His opponent and his followers argue for change without telling us what those changes will be. Although there are times when change is appropriate, this election is not the time for experimentation.

For 20 years Tim has provided the strong and steady leadership Mifflin County deserves. You should share our pride in his record of judicial experience and demonstrated competence over time in the performance of his duties. In the administrative area, his implementation of innovative programs has provided opportunities for dramatic differences in peoples’ lives and addressed the changing needs of our county.

His courtroom and administrative experience as our president judge, along with his years as our district attorney and in private practice, have resulted in definitive, fair, timely and cost-efficient decisions. Tim has never put our county in jeopardy because of his demonstrated lifelong love for our county and his service both in the courtroom and the community. Why change when Tim will provide 10 more years of strong leadership?

Judge Searer has worked hard and run an honest campaign. There is nothing to hide. Please vote on Nov. 5 and vote for Tim Searer.

Rachael Diamond