Says Dave Barron is the right choice for judge

To the editor:

On Tuesday, Nov. 5 I will be voting for Dave Barron for Judge. Mifflin County needs a fresh perspective in the courtroom, one who is honest and one that will feel honored to have been chosen by the people. We do not need a career politician like what we have now because a career politician can lose focus as to why they are in the position they are in, it can turn into doing personal favors and making rulings to appease the “backers.” I’m not saying this about the incumbent but to me it seems that money can be incentive to seek reelection. Since the incumbent has been in office he has made right around $3 million. The incumbent has already earned his full state retirement so why does he need another term? Isn’t 20 years enough?

Two years ago the citizens of Mifflin County shook up the “Good Ole Boys Network” and I think it’s time to finish the job.

The only thing that the incumbent has to tout about is experience. Dave Barron has a wide range of experience, from being public defender, to handling civil and legal cases and now the assistant district attorney.

As you think about who your choice for judge will be on Nov. 5 please ask yourself does our county need a career politician to be judge or is it “Time for Change”? Please know that Dave Barron is a man of integrity, he is approachable and down to earth, and Dave will not belittle you in the courtroom. Another huge item to point out is that Dave is running a self funded campaign unlike the incumbent who -through his committee – has solicited and accepted monetary donations from individuals, lawyers and businesses to fund his campaign.

Two years ago, the citizens of Mifflin County spoke loud and clear that they wanted change in the judicial system. Voters, let’s get out there on Nov. 5 and cast your vote to continue this battle for change. Dave Barron is the right choice for judge in Mifflin County.

Deena Frankhouser