Republican will cross the party line to vote Searer

To the editor:

For Republicans, the upcoming election will provide an interesting dilemma. Both candidates for Mifflin County judge are registered as Republicans. Yet one will run on the Democrat ballot and the other on the GOP ticket. Under Pennsylvania election law, candidates for certain offices including judge, can file nominating petitions on both party ballots for the spring primary. In May, one candidate won the Republican nomination by just 13 votes while the other Republican, Tim Searer, won the Democrat nomination by slightly more than that.

I know the candidates. Both candidates have been in my home. Each man is a fine person and qualified. But the difference comes down to this: “Track record and experience.” The importance of Searer’s experience and knowledge as a common pleas judge should not be overlooked or discounted, much less discarded.

As a Republican, I decided to support Tim Searer. However, to do so, I will have to officially cross party lines while still voting for a Republican.

I encourage my fellow Republicans to join me in voting for Tim Searer. He is a proven conservative, disciplined judge with integrity and a solid reputation who has earned the right for re-election.

Steve Dunkle