Praise offered for the incumbent MC judge

To the editor:

The Judge for the Court of Common Pleas of Mifflin County is a very important position. Many decisions are made which affect your lives, and the lives of your children and grandchildren. There is no room for error. It is imperative that correct decisions be made when rulings are rendered affecting anyone’s life.

Obviously, not everyone is happy with a judge’s decision. However, as long as the law is correctly applied to the facts, the judge has done his job correctly. Experience is a necessary criterion for making correct decisions. This is why Timothy Searer should be re-elected judge.

Judge Searer’s experience has enabled him to make rulings that are recognized and accepted by the appellate courts and other courts throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. His appellate record is an excellent one. His decisions in criminal matters where our safety is at issue have never been overturned.

When you or your child or grandchild is before the court, do you want a decision from an experienced judge or someone who merely believes it’s “time for change?” Experience makes one wise and competent. Twenty years has given Mifflin County a wise and competent judge. To arbitrarily say it is time for change is to cast aside the wisdom and competence we have in the judicial system and the additional administrative duties Judge Searer performs. Judge Searer as President Judge oversees many offices such as Domestic Relations and Probation. He is involved with funding and reimbursements which benefit Mifflin County. He has efficiently directed these offices while also fulfilling his judicial duties.

Whether you are having surgery, building a house or have an issue before the court, do you want an experienced and competent surgeon, contractor or judge? Yes, experience and competence is a necessity. Timothy Searer should continue as the judge for Mifflin County.

Marv and Mary Henry