Offers rebuttal to recent critique of candidate

To the editor:

In response to Jonathon Hayes’ letter to the editor on Oct. 25, first I’d like to compliment him for his interest in politics through he’s too young to even vote. How many kids these days choose politics and writing letters to the editor of the local newspaper as their hobby? There are worse things that a 17 year old could be getting into.

But I disagree with his view of Measure the Candidates night. I was there too and came away with a completely different take. I don’t recall Dave Barron once making any “mistakes” that he needed to excuse himself for. While Hayes thinks a pause in speech while searching for the word “temperament” is a mistake, I saw a man who was trying – as he has all through his campaign – to not get into the mud-slinging that so often happens in politics.

Jonathon Hayes admits, “I don’t know much about the judicial system” but he gives his opinion that there’s no room for temperament. Again I think he’s wrong. First, it would be silly to think that someone’s personality wouldn’t be a part of how they perform their job. But second, and more importantly, a person in a position of authority should absolutely have a certain temperament. To combine authority with a disrespectful, quick tempered personality is a recipe for a courtroom where people end up feeling ignored, put down and fed up with our system of justice.

I believe Dave Barron has tried hard to point out the differences between him and his opponent so voters can compare them and choose the candidate they believe to be the best fit for the job. He has tried to do this in a way which is honest and in line with running a clean, old-fashioned, grass roots campaign. Rather than making fun of him for a word choice, shouldn’t we congratulate him for not going down the road of negative campaigning?

Joe Anastasi