Offers many reasons to vote Barron for judge

To the editor:

I love Mifflin County because of many things, but one thing is obvious: The people are friendly and they have a strong work ethic. If I knew only one thing about Dave Barron, and that was that he worked hard, it would be good enough for me to vote for him.

As I have gotten to know Mr. Barron over the past few years, I have learned a lot about him and his character. He is truly a good man for many reasons: He loves his family, he loves his community, and he loves to work hard for those he serves. When I found out he was going to be an assistant district attorney, I didn’t know many men that would be a better fit because I knew that he would serve the citizens of Mifflin County the best way that anyone could.

Someone once asked Mr. Barron, after giving a speech on why he is running for the Judge of the Court of Common Pleas, what would change if he became judge. His answer was concise: If you don’t have any run-ins with the law, then maybe you wouldn’t see a change. However, from my perspective, if you should stand before the judge, you would want someone impartial, fair, and understanding. Again, one of the best things about Mr. Barron is his relentless work ethic. As opposed to sitting down for drinks after a hard day of work or out playing golf, Mr. Barron has gone out and visited over 4,500 households in Mifflin County. That feat, in itself, is extremely impressive. That says to me that he is willing to get out and meet the people of the county that he wishes to serve. He isn’t getting his friends to pay for large billboards to plaster his face above everyone below. He is down low, and working hard for every vote. Not only that, but every penny spent on his campaign has come out of his own pocket. Of all offices that should be impartial, judge should be number one. A judge shouldn’t be partial to those that have supported his campaign.

Also, Mr. Barron knows what it is like for people to be in front of the judge. He has represented every type of case that can go before the judge over the past 20 years, while also serving as a prosecutor for the last two years. He really understands the types of cases that go before the court. As judge, I am confident that he would have a unique perspective to be as fair and impartial as you can be as a Judge. Mr. Barron would also bring a calm, fair demeanor to the bench.

Finally, Mr. Barron will be a value to the citizens of Mifflin County. He has committed to only serving one term as judge. This will save the taxpayer a lot of money by not requiring us to pay his full pension for the rest of his life, while also being able afforded the right to work on the side to make even more money. How can someone remain impartial if he is working in the private sector on the side?

To me, Barron for judge is the way to vote on Nov. 5.

Mark Colussy