Not eligible to vote, but supports Searer, Civitts

To the editor:

President Abraham Lincoln once said, “It’s best not to swap horses in midstream.” In that same spirit, I would like to encourage your readers to re-elect Judge Tim Searer this election. Although I won’t be eligible to vote yet, I would like to share with your readers why I endorse Judge Tim Searer on behalf of the Catholic community I serve.

First of all, let me begin by saying that endorsing a candidate in any election has never been easy for anyone. I hope this is true for the people of Mifflin County, because a lot of thought and consideration needs to be processed before one casts their ballot in order for it to be a genuine voice of civics. Despite not being eligible to vote yet (this has been a source of annoyance to me), I decided to do some research about Tim Searer and Dave Barron, and the results were quite stark. I should note that I intentionally supported Dave Barron, but common sense has called me to support Tim Searer.

Judge Tim Searer was Mifflin County’s first Republican district attorney since World War II, and Mifflin County’s first Republican judge in three decades. Although Tim Searer lost the Republican nomination this year by 13 votes -yes, only 13 votes – he still won the overall total vote in the primaries: Searer won with 3,011 votes while Barron got 2,953. If you ask me, Mr. Searer is the winner not just by electoral cases, but by his record as well.

Under Judge Tim Searer’s two terms, Mifflin County’s crime rate has been maintained not by rising, but lowering significantly. It is to his credit that Mifflin County was able to generate over $1 million revenue annually by hosting out-of county prisoners without any expense. In addition, the programs he enacted have not only shown fiscal responsibility, but have contributed to the good morals of our faith-based community. Judge Searer has worked and will continue to work with faith-based institutions that have proven track records in diverting young and first-time, non-violent offenders from criminal careers, for which I salute them. Their emphasis on restorative justice, to make the victim whole and put the offender on the right path, can give law enforcement the flexibility it needs in dealing with different levels of criminal behavior, and that’s what Judge Searer has realized.

And above all, Judge Searer has shown time and time again that his role as a trial judge is to interpret the law as it was originally intended rather than make it. He has demonstrated faithfulness to the U.S. Constitution and all the citizens he looks out for, and in that sense, he has my support.

Another conservative candidate that I support is Deb Civitts (for Mifflin County Treasurer).

Jonathan Hayes