Hats off to ‘Banking Day’ learning at West Snyder

To the editor:

After weeks of “destructive activities” on the part of all parties in Washington, what a refreshing, positive news article you presented in the Oct. 21 paper. I am referring to the “Banking Day” program at West Snyder Elementary school in Beaver Springs.

The article by Tabitha Goodling took me on a “flashback” more than 67 years ago when I attended elementary school in Altoona participating in a similar program. Encouraged by my parents and teachers, I learned about the importance of budgeting, living within one’s means, planning for the future, as well as being a member of a team. Those early efforts brought me into the financial services industry in Philadelphia for 38 years.

At the time I did not realize how important a personal development tool those experiences would be. I would urge parents and school officials, using Principal David Harrison as an example, to advocate for such programs which are a critical educational and human development tool.

In the past there were a lot of “Banking Day programs” but they declined as bank sponsorship and education advocacy disappeared. After all banks do not make any money by doing this, but they are just as important as other civic efforts directed at our children’s personal development.

So to Principal Harrison, West Snyder School Education, North Cumberland National Bank, Dawn Garrison, Assistant Vice President, and all participants, including Devin Garrison, Megan Latchlord, along with Alyssa Peters, I say thank you for participating in a priceless program of personal development.

Tom Patterson