Former borough manager offers her election picks

To the editor:

During my time working for Lewistown Borough, I became involved with a number of important issues that affect the daily lives of residents. The coming election is important because council members will be chosen for a four-year term, which directly impacts the decisions that are made for the borough.

For the unity of the council and for the best decisions on financial matters and running the borough efficiently, I am recommending Greg O’Donnell, who is unopposed for the two-year term, and the following candidates for the four-year terms: Mark Lawson, Russell Rager, Larry Searer and Judi Smith.

The first four I have had the opportunity to work with on either the council or the parking authority, and they are good, common sense people who truly have the best interests of the borough at heart. They weigh their decisions carefully. I don’t personally know Mrs. Smith, but my impression of her is that she is a responsible member of the community, and the best person to round out the team. Lewistown Borough needs a group of council members who can set aside their own personal interests and work together for the good of the borough.

They don’t always have to agree, and that is good, because the best decisions are made after careful thought, discussion and consideration. You won’t always agree with their decisions, but I believe that if you question them about anything, they will give you an honest explanation of how they came to that decision.

The election could be close. Your vote on Nov. 5 could be the deciding vote that helps to determine the future direction of the borough. Please support O’Donnell, Lawson, Rager, Searer and Smith. Thank you for your consideration.

Connie E. Lucas

Port Matilda

Former Lewistown borough manager