Feels ‘time for change’ just isn’t enough

To the editor:

“Time for change.” What an excellent campaign slogan. It has been used before. Sometimes with success, and other times not so successful.

When it has been successful, there has usually been a reason for change other than the length of time that the incumbent has been in office. Many times the challenger may say that he or she is more qualified than the incumbent or that the incumbent has not done a very good job and needs to be replaced. As far as I know, I haven’t heard that Mr. Barron has said that he is more qualified than Judge Searer or that he thinks that Judge Searer has not done an outstanding job. The only reason that I have heard mentioned is that Judge Searer has been on the bench too long.

I don’t think that time is a good enough reason to change. Would we want to replace all the teachers in the Mifflin County School District who have more than 20 years of service? What about Lewistown Hospital, should we replace all the physicians, nurses, or staff that have been there more than 20 years? How about MCIDC, we have a very good president, Robert Postal, who has been there more than 20 years. I could mention Joe Paterno and Penn State, but I won’t go there.

In my opinion, with the retirement of Judge Rick Williams, it is vitally important for Mifflin County to have an experienced judge on the bench. So I urge every voter in Mifflin County, Democrat, or Republican, to go to the poles on Tuesday, Nov. 5, and vote for experience, Judge “Tim” Searer.

Alfred B. Hughes