Doesn’t blame guns for recent Navy?Yard shooting

To the editor:

Here we go again with the gun-ban idiots on the left. The president is threatening to do something by executive order if Congress doesn’t act. I have said it before that Obama has dictatorial tendencies and that just proves it. Most Americans are sane and logical and do not want the radical controls that he and others on the left want.

What kicked all this nonsense off was the shooting spree at the Navy Yard in Washington, D.C., a week ago by a nut case who should not have had a gun and should not even had clearance or even a job that allowed him to be there in the first place. Yet stupid people want to blame it on guns.

Let’s look at the facts in this case. Aaron Alexis had been arrested three times, two of which involved a gun. Yes, I know he wasn’t charged and wasn’t convicted. Why not? Someone missed the boat on this. Could this possibly have been because of his race with the way anyone who disagrees with our president is labeled a racist right off the bat by those on the left? Were some people intimidated by this?

Officials at the Navy Yard were warned by the police that Aaron Alexis was a danger because of his past arrests and psychiatric history, but it was ignored. Could it have been for the same reasons as mentioned above? I had these thoughts after learning the facts and mentioned them to my wife and some friends. This morning, while having breakfast at McDonald’s, I saw a black guest on a news show express the same thoughts.

Aaron Alexis used a shotgun and a handgun, which he took from a security person that he murdered. It was not an AR platform rifle with high capacity clips as was originally reported by news broadcasters. I recall at least a dozen news reports from MSNBC, CBS, CNN, ABC, and others saying that it was an AR, or assault rifle as they like to say, to provoke an emotional response from their listeners. I wonder how many of the news broadcasters have corrected their mistake with the same enthusiasm as their earlier broadcasts.

Every mass shooting and murder rampage from Columbine to the Navy Yard have three things in common:

1) The shooters were mentally disturbed.

2) The shooters were all in gun free zones.

3) The shooters were all addicted to violent video games.

Gee whiz! It seems that I mentioned all three of these common things in some previous letters. I guess “the chickens are coming home to roost.”

It looks to me that guns are not really the problem. The problem is all the mentally disturbed people that do not get any treatment, the violent video games, the gun-free zones and the current laws already on the books that are not being properly used.

Just one last thought: If even half of the employees at the Navy Yard had a gun, how much sooner could Aaron Alexis have been stopped, and how many lives could have been saved?

Stephen E. Sellers