Cross party lines if you wish in General Election

Editor’s note: Due to the high volume of election letters received this year, The Sentinel is still in the process of verifying and publishing letters received prior to the Oct. 23 deadline. The letter below is one example.

To the editor:

In the upcoming General Election on Nov. 5, voters may vote across party lines if they choose.

Even if you are voting a straight party vote, you may choose a candidate from another party by filling in the oval to the left of their name.

For instance, Republicans can cast their vote for Mifflin County Treasurer candidate, Teresa Hobbs, by filling in the oval to the left of her name.

Teresa has had financial training and work experience. Her Para-legal education will allow additional understanding of laws affecting Mifflin County Treasurer responsibilities.

Having met and talked with candidate Hobbs, I am convinced she has many good ideas to institute for the benefit of our county. I strongly recommend a vote in her favor.

Jacquelyn Fisher