Contends Barron has the qualities needed for judge

To the editor:

I have read several letters written to the editor about the two candidates running for Judge of Mifflin County. Those written by supporters of Tim Searer make continual references to term limits. They are trying to make it seem as though Dave Barron has talked about nothing but term limits in his campaign. This just simply isn’t true. At the Meet the Candidates event (recently), voters heard Dave Barron give a very heartfelt speech on a number of important issues. He spoke about his lengthy experience and proven track record of success, his integrity and strong work ethic, and lastly ideas he has for change. Not once in his speech did Dave Barron mention term limits.

A question came from the audience about term limits. Tim Searer referred to the requirement that judges retire at age 70. Let’s be clear, a mandatory retirement age is not the same thing as a term limit. A term limit is exactly what it says, limiting the number of times that one person can be elected to the same office. The highest office in our land, president, has a term limit of two. There are reasons for term limits. They are put into place to prevent domination of an office by one person.

In answering the same question, Dave Barron simply re-stated what he’s been saying all along – he intends to serve only one term and be done. One additional comment he made was that the phrase “term limits” is really just shorthand for “no more career politicians.” And isn’t that the truth?

Career politicians are those folks who get elected and then use the perks and power of those offices to get themselves re-elected again and again. They are the folks who disregard what the people who elect them want and perform their jobs guided by their own agenda. They lose touch with the very people who put them in the office to begin with.

I think Tim Searer is a career politician. I think he knows it and is frightened that the people have caught on. He is trying to confuse us by talking about mandatory retirement ages and by trying to portray his challenger as a one-issue man.

Take the time to listen to what Dave Barron has to say. He has the qualities we need in a judge: Experience, success, integrity and a strong work ethic. He has some great, fresh ideas for Mifflin County. Time for change? Absolutely, and what needs to change is the man in the robe. We want someone different. We do not want a career politician. It is broke and it does need to be fixed.

Paula Shirey